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Each of these one-of-a-kind hand-crafted decorative items are created from genuine pine, hand-carved, stained and painted solely by me. They can be displayed as either wall hangings or tables. The legs are painted and stained to match the motif of the table-top. Although sealant is used to protect the design, I recommend the use of a glass round to further protect the artwork.  For use as a wall hanging, a sturdy chain is affixed to the back. Each item is signed, numbered and dated.
Wall Hanging

Notice the little gems and rhinestones added in the treasure chest for extra sparkle!



There are 4 different table sizes available. This one is 24 inches in diameter, 1-1/8th inches thick, and weighs around 8 pounds without legs.

"The Beach"
"Arizona Sunrise"
"Santa Fe Sunset"
"Heirloom for Baby"

A wonderful Keepsake! 
Engraved are the baby's name, 
weight, time and date of birth.

"Couple In Love"

I carved this from a photo!

"Special Order"

Please contact me to discuss making something special for you too!
"Home Address"

This is smaller in diameter than the ones above -18 inches.

While the more elaborate designs on this page range between $750-$1500, one 
like this goes for only $400.

Take a look at the chairs at the bottom of this page to get an idea of its size.

"Name Signs"

"Mountain View"

Round tables have 4 legs, 
half round tables have 3 legs.

Half rounds are
30 inches by 15.5 inches,
and weigh around 8 
pounds without legs.

"Midnight Flight"
When I create a Relief Carving, my first step is to sketch out the design in pencil - first on paper, then right onto the wood. This is the sketch for the Mermaid at the very top of this page.
The next step is to carve the design into the wood. To give the impression of depth in a scene, I carve deeper into the wood. When I'm done, there are many different levels and textures...water, leaves, animal fur, rock, feathers, even beams of light!
I use a very high quality water-based acrylic to paint these carvings. I finish with 4 coats of semi-gloss polycrylic clear coat, which I have to sand in between each coat. I also detail with pearlized paints that are very hard to find, and require an additional coat of spray gloss during the process.

Here is the finished Table and Chair ensemble. 

The table top is 30 inches in diameter, 1-1/8th inches thick. The buyer provided the metal table and chair bases.z

Huge Custom Sign

This is over 8 feet long.
Check out the details below.

Page 1 - Chainsaw Bears

Page 2 - Other Chainsaw Creatures
Page 3 - Relief Carvings
Page 4 - Competitions